What is Redbird Resilient

Redbird Resilient began when a group of concerned residents met to address emotional health and addiction prevention within our Loudonville-Perrysville community. This group chose the name Redbird Resilient.

REDBIRD to express that the program is directed to residents of all ages within our school district.

RESILIENT because we hope to help people to discover the strength within themselves, as well as to develop some tools and experiences in order to “bounce back,” to rebound from adversity which comes into the lives of us all; in other words, to be resilient.

Redbird Resilient is OPEN TO ALL. If you would like to join us in our organizational meetings, please contact us.

Board Members

John Stoops

Larry Henley
Vice President

Catherine Puster

Rev. Steve Sullivan

Scott Kaufman
Jerry Strausbaugh
Wendy Lemon