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Winter Blues, Depression & More
“Depression & Thoughts About Suicide or Death”
1-9-2020 Ohio Theatre


Vaping Epidemic? What should I know?
Presentation 11-14-2019 Ohio Theatre

Stop Enabling Start Communicating – 4/2/2019

This slide show was presented by Emma Kulbis of the Ashland County Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse

Overdose Recognition and Response Guide
Click the image to view/download the PDF file.

Naloxone Patient Counseling Brochure

Principles & Dynamics of Addictions – 3/5/2019

Addiction – 1 Hour NOVA Video
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Nova: Addiction Background & Summary PDF File
Nova-Addiction Background & Summary

Tanya Mounts, RPh – Slide Show Presentation

Principles & Dynamics of Addictions – Q&A Session

Becoming A Trauma Informed Community – 11/07/2018

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Redbird Resilient Board @ Rotary Club Loudonville – 10/18/2018