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All for One & One for All
Redbird Resilient Presentation 5-5-2021


Steve Stone – Anecdotes and Attitude Tips
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Brene Brown: Empathy (YouTube video)

Healthy Ashland (resources for self-care and stress management)

Resilience Project: Building resilience in children

The Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County has launched a new resource for families, youth and children. The Resilience Project focuses on calling upon inner resources to cope with stress in a healthy way and “bounce back” to go on with life. For professionals who work with children and youth who have had difficult life experiences, this resource can help them rebuild resilience with tools designed to promote a better sense of well-being. The Brainy Resilience Tools help children and youth learn about handling emotions with healthy responses while feeling self-confident and capable. They were developed using information from diverse fields of knowledge such as neuroscience and understanding of the trauma exposed brain, child development and learning, as well as occupational therapy and mental and physical health. Click HERE to view an introductory video featuring developmental specialist and former early childhood education professor Dr. Diane Karther.

Winter Blues, Depression & More
“Depression & Thoughts About Suicide or Death”
1-9-2020 Ohio Theatre


Vaping Epidemic? What should I know?
Presentation 11-14-2019 Ohio Theatre

Stop Enabling Start Communicating – 4/2/2019

This slide show was presented by Emma Kulbis of the Ashland County Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse

Overdose Recognition and Response Guide
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Naloxone Patient Counseling Brochure

Principles & Dynamics of Addictions – 3/5/2019

Addiction – 1 Hour NOVA Video
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Nova: Addiction Background & Summary PDF File
Nova-Addiction Background & Summary

Tanya Mounts, RPh – Slide Show Presentation

Principles & Dynamics of Addictions – Q&A Session

Becoming A Trauma Informed Community – 11/07/2018

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Redbird Resilient Board @ Rotary Club Loudonville – 10/18/2018